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It`s a general opinion and perspective of public and especially middle class families who cannot afford much high prices while buying grocery items like vegetables, dry products, diary items, kitchen and daily use necessaires thinks, that it`s not pocket friendly at all and  knowing the fact that cannot run away whereas everybody demands with the increasing population day by day. Grocery stores are said to be expensive, but there are some tack ticks and tricks which you can apply or use them before entering a super mart or grocery store. It`s all too easy to go in for a couple of items, only to leave with an empty wallet. Since we all have to eat, there`s really no way around this  despite the high costs, buying groceries but the other way is of making homemade meals taking advantage is still the cheapest, smartest way to get nourished.


We have some tips and good news, sort of chances are perhaps there we`re throwing down way more money rather than making decisions smartly which we often not. While it`d be hard to cut spending on grocery up to half, however there are many tricks to avoid over spending at the supermarket. In fact using them all together might saves your budget and money at a big scale.


Firstly Crunch some numbers while you are shopping means that If you keep a running tally of how much money is adding up to be in your cart, you only can save yourself from any surprises when you get up to the checkout line in the huge crowd. It can be even done by pulling out the calculator on your phone and keep track of all those veggies, fruits, diary and some staple items you`re putting in your cart or in trollies.  This might make you stop in between the Shopping and makes you to ask yourself—wait, do I really need that fancy sparkling water bottle that isn`t on sale yet? Hence think before you bulk or add unnecessary.

Buying in bulk do sounds amazing . . . when it will actually going to saves your money. Don`t assume and get excited that the big bulk buys at the discount stores, in sales or clearance stock are automatically the cheaper option. When you`re grocery shopping on a modest level, be sure to stop and compare the price of an item per unit or ounce for the favorite item you`re buying. As tempting as it is to stock up, don`t buy more than you really need—especially when it comes to delicate items. Buying bulk cereal might be a great investment for a family of four, but if it`s just you and your partner, that whole packet it might not be the cheapest or budget saving behavior.

Moreover don`t be fooled by brand names or labels. You might be used to a particular brand of cereal or bread but the generic options are likely to be cheaper. Generic brands often use name-brand products with their own labels on it not for their marketing and hype creation, but   they offers you at a better price. Just check the ingredients to be sure on its packet you`re getting the same product or not. This may include some vegetables, frozen products, dry and raw meat or fruits.

 Don`t ever go to the store while you are hungry as many of us go to the grocery store or super market to buy a chocolate perhaps, but we mostly end up purchasing irrelevant items for which we haven`t thought to add in our cart. After work and before dinner, most of us get exhausted from tiring day wants to crave more food. That`s the actual time, when we start`s to get hungry. If you buy your groceries or products at this stage, you`ll be purchasing more than you need and your stomach needs. Try to get the shopping out of the way on the weekends, when you can shop on a full stomach.

Take the time to make a grocery list which can help you a lot to cut down your expenses. No matter how good your memory is, just write a grocery list or save in your phone. Not only will it make sure you don`t forget things you need, it`ll more importantly deter you from buying the things that are irrelevant. You can also consider keeping your children at home, if it would be possible as while sometimes we can`t even avoid shopping with children, it`s best to try to buy your groceries when they`re not around. Children will often want to buy food items like ready to fry items or some different sugar and spicy items for themselves that you don`t need, and it isn`t always easy to handle their expenses by saying no.

Don`t waste baskets of money on a few stems of fresh herbs, when you`re literally throwing money away by not sowing your own herbs in the garden. And you can do it no matter how small or large amount or lack of space you have. Fresh herbs cost a small wealth as compared to visiting at the grocery store and getting impressed and glad by their slogans like 100% hygienic and organic naturally. Often times you can buy an entire plant in less penny than you can buy few twigs at the supermarket.

Secondly grate your own cheese, it`s an ultimate choice of you that with this option, you save more on dairy products, as it`s something which anyone can produce on cheap price just by taking some amount of milk and adding lemon then after the curdles formation, then the solid would be separated from cloth.  Just like with pre-packaged lettuce and pre-cut fruit, grated cheese costs you extra for the accessibility. But it`s not that hard at all to grate your own cheese at home. With a less expensive block of cheese, and a cheap box grater, you can start saving money on this ingredient.



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