170 C CLOUDY March 10, 2016




Get well dressed and up to the mark:

Summer is awesome and all, but what to wear and how to dress yourself in fabulous casual outfits and clothes that all depends upon the trendy and current fashion which consciously you focused with the world and youth. The scorching sun rays doesn’t allows you to be uncomfortable and that’s not at all, the summers wants that It’s people should look cute and bold with Bright color Dresses, Sun blocks in their hands, Crop tops with shorts on Beach parties, Block and stripped Sandal’s, Wrapped dresses, Sunglasses, Beauty bag comprising all essentials, Water bottle with some Detox ingredients or seasonal fruits in it, Umbrella, Floral or denim jeans with tucked in T-shirts.

Bright color dresses:

Summer has its own charm with an intensive sun rays and vitamins the outsiders consumes, does not wants that their adoring Generation  to look dull but it demands that they have to prefer wearing bright color dresses in which they would be looking  pleasant and dazzling according to the summer essence. Wearing brighter colors with a big smile makes the other person to give an attention unintentionally and the seeker loves to get this Compliment, as this makes her feel more beautiful.

Carrying Sun blocks throughout while travelling:

Whether it would be a beach party or cruise one, here you don’t have any excuse to give yourself while enjoying summers which will protect you from harmful ultraviolent rays and tanning ultimately gives you a smooth and enchanting appearance to your skin, if It has fruity and flavorful smells and touch. A handy sun block is cost effective and is easy to carry whenever your friends makes a sudden plan so I could be utilized in ample of time by protecting you from Sun dark spots and Leathery Skin.

Crop Tops to be wear casually:

Make the hype of summers friendlier and adoring one through wearing Crop tops casually on the jeans, skin fitted tights or shorts. The ease it could provide you with the lose fabric and gorgeous Features shows your Enthusiasm of you, towards the most awaiting season especially Warm summers. The stripped blouses with silky- slit skirts or the pin-striped linen pants can support your Crop top with stunning Glimpse of Summer Attraction. The outdoor activities in summers keeps you fresh and more likely the outfit you would be choosing should be spiced up with different styles, as it totally depends upon you and you’re Choice. In fact the styling like wearing crop Tops on Shorts is the best select for Beach parties. 

Block and Stripped Sandals:

Style your outfit with some patterned and textured Stripped and Entangled Sandals on your favorite dress this summer, not only in parties or movie night but while leading to your short and Social events, where you are invited as a chief guest or as an viewer. It would be any long shirt, it can be wide ripped jeans of denim with Block heels or to make it more fascinating, the long dress on the beach can be suited best on those who can wear Flat stripped sandals on it or could make themselves to feel livelier, while proceeding out in hot summers. Summers brings joy and crazy activities are almost ready to get on your doorstep, all you need to do is to grab a good sandal on your skirt or dress you are comfortable in by spending your money on it generously, so it would not take your much time going for shopping or waiting for what to wear on the given time for your event.

Sunglasses groom your appearance:

Sun glasses are not the easiest choice to go for, you need to be really calm and selective while choosing it for your summer cheers. It does not only protects you from the exhaustive  sun rays, but also alerts you for the bad vision of yours in the high sun beams when strikes your face and makes your under eyes to get an instant dark circles, which will be taking the long time to get concealed naturally. The best and a classy glasses is the best remedy towards it, so go and grab your exclusive glasses to share a cool look by exhibiting a new frame, design and color with excellent shape according to the pickup of your dress you would be wearing. It could be also hanged beside your bag or on the neckline or V shaped collar. 

Beauty pouch carrying all essentials:

The beauty bag in summers is somewhat a better advice you can get from every traveler or working women, they know the secrets of it at sudden plans and meetups programs and therefore it contains all of the products like, hair pins, hair bands, hand sanitizer, paper soaps, moisturizing cream, travel size mascara, liner, lipstick, tonner, blush powder, no makeup palate, makeup removing wipes with tissue pack, mints and bubbles are also included in It which is also a complete package and is easily available at any Beauty shop. Moreover these essentials are handy and can easily be picked up, packed in, and move along with you. Don’t forget to grab a light perfume with you when you get even a pinch of bad smell from your body.

Water bottle is must:

In summer season, you should consume at least 8 Liters of Water by adding your favorite fruits, squashes, flavors and more of it the energy drinks can also be made to make your day spent more boosted up after the tiring day you had in business and in your office work. You don`t need to take out much time from your busy schedule but just some seconds to maintain your metabolism, to regulate your Urea so that your urine could not become concentrated and your lungs could be washed up by removing all unnecessary nutrients, and provides the vitamins when you adds like Orange, Lemon, Strawberries and all citrus fruits. Stay hydrated all the time and increase your intake of water as the temperature is increasing day by day.


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