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Types Of Breast Implants And Brest Surgery Problems That You Should Know

Breast surgery is gaining popularity every year and this is not surprising. Whether your breasts are too small, have lost firmness after delivery or are weakened by weight loss, there are many cosmetic surgery procedures to help you get the ideal size and shape of your breasts.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is an ideal option for women whose breasts are not aligned with their bodies. With age, your skin loses its elasticity. As a result, your breasts become naturally sagging, unattractive and look younger. Today, many women around the world are considering reducing, improving or uplifting the appearance of their breasts.

If you are one of them, make sure that a surgical procedure meets your specific needs.

The ideal size and shape of your chest and everything related to the appearance of a woman`s chest can be achieved through different types of cosmetic / plastic surgeries.

Breast Augmentation

Also known as breast augmentation surgery or breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery designed to increase the size of a woman`s bust by surgically placing implants behind the breasts.

Implants are generally of two types: filled with saline solution and filled with silicone gel. Both types contain an outer silicone shell. These implants are inserted under the breast or under the breast tissue and thoracic muscle to increase the size of the breast or rebuild the breast tissue after a mastectomy.

Also known as a more bulky job, this enlargement operation is the preferred option of many women who want bigger breasts. This type of surgery can correct a variety of different problems, ranging from undeveloped breasts to asymmetric breasts and reduced breast size. The operation lasts only approximately 1.5 hours.

Saline Implants

Saline breast implants are layers of silicon elastomer that are filled with saline solution after insertion. This means that saline implants can be inserted through smaller incisions than silicone implants, which require a larger incision, due to their previous filling. Even opting for saline implants does not mean that there is no other option, however, your surgeon can use saline, anatomical, smooth or textured implants.

Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants are elastomeric wraps filled with silicone gel. Current implants represent a significant improvement in previous decades. Although the term "silicone implants" may have previously evoked negative images, modern implants are more consistent and retain their shape, while providing a more natural feeling.

Breast Reduction

Women with excessively large and heavy breasts can benefit from this type of surgery. Extremely large breasts can cause many physical ailments, such as back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. A breast reduction plasty or a breast reduction plasty is performed to reduce its volume and obtain a bust size proportional to the body. With 2-3 hours, breast reduction plasty relieves physical discomfort associated with too large breasts.

Breast Lift

Women who have sagging breasts or who have lost the shape and tone of their breasts, usually after pregnancy and due to breastfeeding and weight loss, opt for breast lift. Also known as mastopexy, surgery is performed to produce a more complete bust by lifting the sagging breasts and making them firmer.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery literally means rebuilding a woman`s breast. Reconstructive surgery is an option for women who had a breast removed due to breast cancer. Using various plastic surgery techniques, a plastic surgeon tries to restore an almost normal shape, size and appearance after a mastectomy. The surgery also aims to restore symmetry between the two breasts.

The procedure usually involves more than one surgery. There are two methods to reconstruct the breast by inserting a type of implant, called a stent, and using tissue removed from another part of the body. The balloon dilator is first implanted under the skin and chest muscle, and slowly filled with saline at regular intervals to create a new breast shape. The surgery can last from one to six hours.

The Problems Of Breast Implants That May Occur Are The Following:

  1. breast pain
  2. scars
  3. infection
  4. Changes in sensation in the nipples.
  5. Bleeding
  6. Formation of scar tissue.
  7. Hardening in the area around the surgery.
  8. Implant shape and size problem: asymmetric breasts.
  9. Rupture and leakage.
  10. Breastfeeding can become difficult
  11. Double bubble: sometimes the implant can pass under the crease, creating a line at the bottom of the chest.




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