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Should You Buy A Refurbished Phone

Finding a new electronic essential for your day to day use is expensive. The prices are skyrocketing for the most trusted and branded products, and trusting not so renowned companies can at times result in flushing your money down the drain. 

Imagine you are looking for a newer phone as the older one gave up and your budget for the phone is 800$. You are looking to find something which is compatible with more recent updates and works just as well with the latest applications. However, the phone which fits the criteria costs 1500$ if you get it to box packed. This is why it is out of your range, so you start looking for items in the used market, and you find a couple of opinions for 600 dollars, yet now you are unsure why the person is selling it for so less and what if the product turns out to be a dud. 

In this particular instance, you have a third option that is far more reliable and comes with a guarantee from a reputable source. And it is just in your budget. A refurbished platform is the silver lining between used and new electronics. It comes with a warranty, top notch condition, and is not exactly as costly as more unique box packed electronic items.

What Is A Refurbished Product?

Refurbished is an umbrella term that caters from products that have been returned and never used by the consumer to the items that have been repaired. Often companies remodel the product themselves, or third party refurbishers do it for the company. Since there is no legal definition of the word `refurbished,`Companies can use it to mean 

`Pre owned` and `reconditioned.`

 In any case, refurbished products are heavily reliant upon the company it is being remodeled by. Apart from the cheaper pricing, there are several other reasons one should buy refurbished products. 

Benefits Of Refurbished Products

  • Refurbished products are cost effective, but in some instances and with discounts, you can get up to 50% off on certain items, which doubles your savings.

  • Used phones come with very little to no guarantee. A Good refurbishing company offers a warranty for its products, which means you will get almost the same conditioned product as new or, in some instances, one with a more extended warranty than used products.

  • Various refurbishing platforms undertake several tests to ensure the items` quality. Electronic things on Refurbed go through several tests to ensure the quality and experience of just as new items.

  • Refurbished items are not just cost effective and can be 40% cheaper. It is also more environmentally friendly than getting a new electronic essential. Because refurbished electronics leave 90% less carbon footprint than producing a new one.

  • You might not be able to find the aesthetic, and unique options rolled out by the brand at its store, but on the refurbished website, you will be able to find those particular collections.

What is the best place to buy refurbished phones?

There are very few to no cons to buying refurbished products if you are ordering from a reliable manufacturer at bargain prices. Still, you can also end up losing your money if you are not careful with the platform you opt for. Shopping smart is the key with refurbished items, or else you are out 500$ with nothing to show for it and horrendous customer service. Neither of which will do any good to you as a consumer.

The Safer bet is carefully analyzing the platform or shop from the manufacturer. We have created a list of reliable manufacturers and third party platforms as these are renowned platforms and would want the customers to be happy with the brand.

  1. Apple: Any time a consumer reports a malfunction with their product, apple takes effect back and lists it on their website. You can find MacBooks, iPhones, Ipads, watches, everything refurbished. Get a one year warranty and a test certification, all after saving 20% of the original price.

  1. Dell: Dell is a renowned manufacturer of laptops and Personal computers. They list certified refurbished products that come with the same warranty and return policy as the new products. But unlike its competitors or manufacturers. The store provides a brief description of why the product is listed. I.e., Whether it was returned unopened, cosmetically damaged or used and then refurbished. 

  1. Refurbed: Refurbed is a third party platform due to its impeccable refurbishing quality and professional work ethic. It made a list. At refurb, you can find products from most of the brands, from gaming laptops to usual work ones. iPhones to Android at 40% less than the original price. Each item comes with a year warranty, and impeccable customer service is what makes the refurbed as a third party refurbisher standout. And unlike the famous brands, you can even choose to pay installments instead of paying the total price at once.

The Bottom line

Experts believe that refurbished products can be a game changer and can not only reduce the cost of production but tackle environmental pollution at a global scale and is a sustainable practice. They are enthusiastic about the possibilities it holds. However, Experts were keen on quality refurbishers and doing your due diligence before deciding where to order refurbished products. Nonetheless, buying refurbished electronic items is the same as buying second hand products with added protection and warranty. With the proper screening process you can save yourself some handful of bucks.


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