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Keep Your Colon In Good Health With These Four Tips

Keep Your Colon In Good Health With These Four Tips


Good colon health and healthy poop is an incredibly important issue that goes rather undiscussed because of the taboo or the conversation being difficult to handle, or maybe because of the awkwardness it adds to the room. For whatever reason, the issue is not being addressed. It is an integral part of one`s health and requires constant monitoring on your end to interpret whether your health is okay, bad or in great condition. It is one of the essential organs of the human body and is used for waste removal. If the colon health is bad or it is not working properly, it means that your body will not be able to absorb new nutrients, and neither will be able to get rid of the waste. But how does one maintain their colon health and keep it healthy? The answer to this lies in the nutrients of your daily diet. In today`s blog post, we will be addressing the taboo topic of colon health


Why Is Maintaining A Good Colon Health


The choices you make on a daily basis, including the food you consume and your water intake, contribute at a bigger level to your colon`s overall well being. Optimizing your diet and ensuring a fit lifestyle will ensure good colon health, free from constipation and fatigue. As per the American cancer society, one in every 22 men and one in 24 women are prone to developing colon cancer in their lifetime and giving us all the more reasons to take our colon health seriously and make drastic life changes if need to improve and in order to prevent colon cancer. Improving your colon health can also optimize your immune system and increase your chances of fighting diseases. Here are some essential nutrients you can ensure in your daily diet to increase your overall colon health.


Measures To Maintain A Healthy Colon


Including High fibre In Your Daily Diet

When it comes to colon health, this is the most important factor. A human body needs to keep fibre consumption between 25 to 35 grams daily. However, most Americans only consume 10 to 15 grams of fibre daily, making it rather difficult to keep a healthy microbiota. Without the required fibre intake, your body will likely experience unpleasant symptoms, i.e. bloating, diarrhea, constipation, Toxins building up in the stomach and harming the immune system while exposing your body to several diseases. Altogether it harms your colon, and it could lead to colon cancer. 

You can consider fibre as the police that takes care of your gut. The vicious water loving nutrient helps to flush out the accumulated wastes and toxins in your body by enhancing the volume of your stool. 


Nuts and Berries are some of the great sources of maintaining the ideal fibre intake. However, people who are not a fan of nuts or berries or have a hard time keeping track of the quantity of fibre they are consuming can opt for a reliable substitute known as colon broom. The Substitute is specifically designed to boost your over gut health by maintaining the fibre intake in your body but also by improving mood, energy level, keeping regular bowel movements and aiding in the improvement of your digestive system.


Watch Your Consumption Of Red Meat


Consumption of red meat in high quantities on a regular basis can increase your chances of colon cancer by 28 percent, as per the findings of Harvard health. As per the study, an average adult should not consume more than 90g of red meat a day. Red meats and processed food are highly saturated fats and more often than not, the production of red meat involves carcinogens, which can ultimately cause a great deal of damage to your colon health.


Drinking Adequate Amount Of Water


Even though we have a natural indicating system `i.e. thirst` telling us when we need to drink water, it is not enough to keep our body properly hydrated, which can increase the level of toxins building up in your body. Drinking about 2 liters of water at least daily should be enough to move those toxins toward the excretory system. The best way is to keep a bottle with you at all times to stay hydrated and measure how much water can be stored in the bottle.


Daily Exercise


How much we move our body on a day to day basis affects our intestinal system. Involving small exercises in our day can affect the blood circulation in our body, stimulate the body and increase the performance of the digestive system. In the meantime, massages the food in the digestive tract, all of which results in rapid and efficient excretion of built up waste and toxins. Therefore, the importance of daily exercise can not be ignored. 

However, Maintaining physical activity is a habit that all of us long to create but somehow lack the motivation to be consistent with it. Every year tons of revolutions go down the drain because every time people think of making a part of their daily routine, a rather pressing issue pops up, or at least the excuse we use. But the reality is quite the contrary. When building the habit of exercising daily, use these small tips.

  • Setting smaller goals 

While building the habit of exercising regularly, make smaller goals. If you already have a gym membership, instead of working out for 1 hour your first day, only to disappear for the rest of the month. Focus on just getting to the gym and running on the treadmill. It`s building an important habit.

  • Use Athletic Gear or Workout Clothes

 Set aside a couple athletic wears for just working out. On the days you do not feel like doing any exercise, start just by changing into gear and see how quickly your mood changes.

  • Something Is Better Than Nothing

All or nothing is a derogatory mentality only making you look down on yourself. There will be days when you do not have the energy to exercise, instead of going for a rigorous workout jogging in the park or doing some exercise will do just fine.


Developing these habits can significantly reduce your chances of getting colon cancer while improving your health significantly. Doctors recommend that people at the age of 50 should start reaching out to them for regular colonoscopies. Detecting colon cancer as early as possible can play a crucial role in its removal.



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