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How To Choose The Best Camera For Beginners

As you enter the world of photography as a professional or a profound hobbyist, you find yourself struggling to find the best Camera and end up asking yourself the very question, `what is the best camera for a beginner?` As per my and many professionals` opinions, something that is not expensive yet still delivers excellent image quality and an opportunity to experiment with newer shooting styles and advanced equipment. So what should you look for in a camera is still a big concern

What To Look For When Buying A Camera

Cameras come with various options and specifications. The more choices there are, the more difficult it becomes to narrow down your list of options. While this does not cover every aspect, it should give you a general idea of what to look for in a camera.

  • The image quality of the Camera is better than the phone. The point of carrying a camera is to capture high resolution images. You can explore and experiment. While looking for a camera, this should be the essential aspect.

  • Make sure to opt for the latest cameras as the industry is revolutionizing with every moment passing by. You want to get your hands on the latest gig.

  • Make sure To consider factors whether you will be traveling with the Camera or just using it occasionally, as each set works with a different size of Camera.

  • The good thing about professional cameras is their ability to cater to different environments. Lenses play a massive role in cameras, and the availability of lenses can become a crucial factor when you are looking to upgrade your photography skills.

  • When you are ordering online, it can be hard to get the idea of how big a camera is, and using it can become daunting if it is too big for your hands. Moving your hands around the Camera and make sure the buttons are in reach so you can explore the piece of equipment better.

Apart from the earlier mentioned factors, there is always an ongoing debate about which cameras are better? Mirrorless Or DSLRs, even though either type is brilliant for a beginner, too many options can leave you rattled. 

DSLRs are chunkier and more considerable than mirrorless Cameras and feature a reflex mirror inside them, which bounces the light. On the other hand, Mirrorless cameras are compact in size, and the light directly goes into the image sensor, which can be viewed on the electric viewfinder (LCD).

What Camera Should You Buy?

Now that you have a general idea of what you should be looking for in the Camera, we have narrowed down the best list of options one can get, whether opting for DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. 

Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera

The Canon Eos r5 is one of the best cameras in today`s market, regardless of whether you are a professional or just in the photography business. Capable of working in all types of environments, from sports and actions to landscapes and studio portraits. The Camera can capture 4 k videos, and its 47 Megapixel sensor allows you to have more pixels per frame, which means the picture`s quality is undoubtedly better. In addition, the focusing system in this particular product is better than its predecessors as it provides improvised subject tracking that can identify animals and humans, an impeccable image stabilizer, a body designed for better grip, and it comes with wireless connectivity.

Olympus OMD EM10 Mark IV Mirrorless

Contrary to its size, the Olympus Mark iv delivers exceptional features and technologies in its compact size. Its ability to capture Ultra high definition 4 k videos and 8.7 frames per second shooting rate provides the clarity every individual is looking for in their videos. The vast ISO range, i.e., from 200 25000, enables you to shoot in dim and bright lighting. A five axis stabilizer provides up to 4.5 stops with any lens. It enhances image quality and helps you in capturing long exposure shots. The Camera`s compact nature is not an accurate depiction of its abilities and works well with people who have to move around a lot and like to have a camera on themselves to click aesthetics.

Nikon Z50 Mirrorless Camera

The Camera has more to offer than just its sleek design. It works well with videos and photographs and is very affordable for this genre. An EXPEED processor allows you to capture 11 frames per second(fps) and iso levels to up to 52100 and ultra 4k video supported with 30 (fps) and can go up to 120 fps for slower shots. The body is impeccably designed to provide an optimum grip for all day use and various external controls if you want to explore in depth. The Camera comes with a 16 50 mm kit lens. However, one thing about Nikon is that you can use lenses of different models with its newer models. 

The Camera lacks a stabilizer and has a limited lens range compared to other cameras, but in the given price range, Z50 is a sure banger.

Sony A6000

Even though the Camera is eight years old, It sure packs a bundle for beginners. Since it was launched years ago, you can expect the Camera to have decent pricing. Buying the newer models of it will not be significantly better, as it offers almost the same quality of pictures and videos. As long as you can settle without 4k videos and a relatively old model, the solid image quality, remarkable autofocus, and continuous shooting ability are bound to leave you astonished. Especially in this price range.

Panasonic Lumix G100

The Panasonic Lumix is a great addition to any vlogger`s collections or if you are looking to kickstart as one. Because of its compact nature and quality video and pictures. The Camera packs great audio recording abilities and comes with a bright EVF(electronic viewfinder) and an articulated LCD. The Camera`s ergonomics make capturing moments easier. Even people who are relatively new to the world of photography can still capture aesthetics like amateurs due to its easy to use nature. 

However, it offers no body stabilization, neither headphone jack nor type c USB.

The camera sales might be declining. Nonetheless, camera prices have only gone up in the past several years, and you can very well predict that it is going to be the case in the future as well if you ever find yourself asking the very question, `What is the best time to buy a camera.` The answer would be right now. 

These are our top picks, but they provide surface level knowledge of the profound world of photography and cameras. This is why to know in detail about the Camera from the list or any other model, you can set up a one to one online session with professionally sound individuals at bh photo video.


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