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Health Benefits Of A Ferry Ride

Why not utilize your route for a little `mindful travel` before you reach your destination rather than hurrying around? Traveling with DFDS Ferries makes your vacation begin the moment you board the ship, not just because of the abundance of entertainment alternatives. You`ll wonder why you choose to travel in any other manner after seeing how simple it is to unwind, renew, and recharge on a breathtaking boat journey across the deep blue sea. Discover the following five health advantages of ferry riding.

Great Oxygen Intake

You may have heard that sea travel is often recommended to treat several illnesses. Since the 19th century, everyone from ship captains to royalty has been encouraged to travel to warmer climates using mineral waters and cool sea breezes. And who wants to begin a vacation by flying in a cabin full of strangers? Instead, take advantage of the time in transit to rest up before starting the trip as soon as you arrive.

Activate Your Physical Health

Ignore paying more for more legroom. Traveling by ferry has several advantages for your health, including plenty of room to stretch your legs. Imagine taking a stroll on deck, practicing yoga outside, or relaxing in your private cabin. It beats spending hours in a small seat, and taking the ship lets you say goodbye to compression socks and stuffy aisle strolls.

A Sound Sleep

We have all tried it, I see. The airline tries to sleep for a few more hours before you reach your destination. Instead of sleepless evenings on an airliner with a loud neck pillow, picture having your private ensuite cabin to rest and relax, complete with a bed where you can snuggle up with an excellent book and a bottle of wine.

On one of our North Sea itineraries, you receive a free private chamber when you cruise overnight. This cabin is ideal for sleeping or enjoying peace and quiet any time of day. And if you`re concerned about becoming seasick, do not worry. Even in stormy conditions, our ferries are carefully engineered for peaceful navigation.

Hydrate And Refresh

Nothing is worse than getting to your destination thirsty, let alone the headaches and irritability that follow. Men can lose up to a liter of water on a five hour trip due to low humidity, which might make them feel exhausted and run down when they arrive. One of the health advantages of taking the boat is that you get to see the ocean while traveling and keep hydrated, which improves your mood and helps you feel exhausted.

Eat Well


The advantages of taking a boat are twofold if you`re sick of eating meals in plastic wrap on airplanes. First off, various onboard eateries provide a wide choice of healthful selections. Enjoy family favorites and international food in the Kitchen, French style dinners in the Brasserie, or a quick snack in one of our cozy bars. There are many nutritious selections to suit everyone, whether you`d prefer a veggie packed soup or a big salmon salad.

Simply Joyful

The relaxing sensation of being out on the water is one of the most attractive features of taking a boat. You may cruise along while admiring the view and keeping your pace constant. Instead of feeling hurried or overburdened, this might help you unwind and enjoy the travel. You`ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the scenery because ships often feature many comfy seats.

Travel With Your Vehicle

You are welcome to bring your automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle. It might be challenging to rent a car, especially if you`re going somewhere popular. In addition, paying for petrol and tolls is expensive, and extended drives can harm your automobile. Have you purchased boat tickets to Spetses or Hydra? Remember that since cars are not permitted on these islands, you can breathe clean air and escape noise pollution from traffic.

Pets Are Welcome

You own an animal. It might be uncomfortable for both of you if you decide to take your pet on a plane. Several businesses have intricate rules regarding pet travel. On a boat, though, you`ll adhere to the regulations, such as carrying a box and bringing your pet.


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