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Coronavirus Lockdown Activities

 You are bored? And kind of frustrated during pandemic lockdown. Here are some tips and hacks you and add them in your activities list, everyone wanted to watch movies and seasons on Netflix and Amazon Prime aren`t your only options left, and you don`t need to necessarily pay for a subscription or packages they provides you with some credit hours to watch plenty of excellent films. Open culture has a great list of around more than above 1000 free films you can watch online on website like YouTube or Torrent very easily right now. If you have an eligible university student card or library card, there is a reward for you that you might also have access to Canopy which offers thousands more film options to watch for free. You can perhaps watch a documentary if you`re in the mood for something a bit more intellectual, there are a few websites that gives you entree to free documentaries. Whether you`re into sharks, uprisings, or serial killers, you will for surely be finding something interesting to watch during the lockdown. Some great sites include Documentary Tube, which includes Top Documentary Films, and Documentary scenes.

You`ve always wanted to write a novel but never found the time or inspiration, but hold on! This is your best time to avail the chance. Superficially Shakespeare wrote King Lear in an isolation period during the wave, so maybe this could be most creative lockdown, you can make your own lifestyle a good one rather than thinking about pandemic issues. Right time is when you`ll write your composition freely. If you`re not really sure from where to start, perhaps your work is better realized by actors rather than staying on the page? You`ll be pleased to know that the BBC is on the hunt for original scripts about self-isolation that they can turn into short films. If you`re daunted by that task, you could try out our free screenwriting course to learn the chains and it will support your catapult and you into recognition after your first film is made with such efforts.

 It sounds really sad that you are missing the gym? There are plenty of fitness challenges you can in fact try out from home safely. So you can develop yourself, maintains yourself and can do personal grooming within lockdown to become leaner and much stronger. You could try the 100 pushup challenge having each 3 sets, squat challenge of 4 sets, or just doing a 30-day bodyweight workout challenge to stay healthy and stay safe at home for free. Just make sure that you don`t push too hard early on, and warm up thoroughly around 30 minutes before you go for any exercise. One good thing about being home is that you can finally spend time cooking some delicious food from scrape. You can find great recipes exploring online which can also makes your thoughts available for perfect diet plan for burn out workout you did, even if you`re on a limited budget, and comprises of small quantities of products. YouTube recipes are specifically created for people on strict budgets to be followed or relying on food stores for buying even a single, while it is best known for his one pound meal plan.

Moreover the dusty skirting panels, dirty slating, and stained carpets residing at your home can offer days of disruption to your mental health and inner satisfaction. So if you feel like doing that deep cleaning like you do to your face, can do the same to your home place, where you live gladly. You have been putting it off. There are plenty of online cleaning tips, tricks and guides available if the task looks too big or if would take too much time and focusing on one room at a time will ultimately help you divide up the work. Polish or upgrade your home by maintaining it through being stuck at home, you can make you rethink how much of your stuff you really need to be here and how much scrap or dirt you need to discard. Now here a question arises that do you really wear all the clothes falling out of your wardrobe? And do you think you`ll really re-read those courses or subjects of essays sitting in a box upstairs? The problem is to be solved by only you, as you can decide what to donate to needy in this tough lockdown and what to throw out for sweepers, ready for a full clear out when the lockdown is lifted.

Not only this, but this could be a great time to build your audience, viewers and especially if you have introduced yourself towards relatively cheap i.e. your favorite activities like bloggings, V-loggings, indoor hobbies including games and  much more you do in your daily routine, despite of going out. Which you can share lively by making video`s and uploading on Instagram Facebook, snapchat and many more. Interest in leisure tasks like cooking and board games has shot up over recent weeks – if your hobbies are trending, why not set up a blog and share your knowledge and experience about it in your own style. You can set up a Word pad or press account and can make blog for free, and save it from there.

If you are lucky enough to have a job in this lockdown trauma or if you are working then let`s work from home for this time by feeling exhausted, as you don`t get accurate environment.  You have probably saved money on your transform and buying lunch each day. Why don`t you calculate how much you`ve saved through the lockdown activities you had and with your family, friends and relatives, you can planned it to spend it towards a holiday in upcoming vacation. You can plan a stay catchy game at home, catching up on all the things you`ve missed till now, or go further and work on this field to experience something new you always wanted too.


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