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5 Sports To Try Out In The Summers

The days are getting warmer and better as we approach the peak days of summer. The government has lifted several covid related guidelines, and this might be the first summer close to the typical summer we have had in the past three years. So you can enjoy a bunch of summer activities once again, as long as you are two meters apart and maintain the distance from your friends or teammates.

Nonetheless, summer is the perfect season to burst out into activities as it provides the most optimum conditions for you to go outside, enjoy warm and breezy winds and while doing so get your heart healthy. The benefits of sports are known to many. Yet, only about 19 percent of US adults partake in any sort of physical activity. which means over 80 percent of the people living in the United States are at an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.


If you have not indulged in any physical sports and would look to become part of one, local sports clubs work with government bodies and conduct sessions to get you started on the journey, even if you do not have any prior experience. However, if you are only indulged in one, you must know the importance of quality equipment, and the right gear for each activity played in the sports.


What Is The Importance of Right Sports Gear 

While you indulge in physical activity, not wearing the proper gear in several sports can be life threatening, while others can impact your ability to perform. Here is what the right wear will do for you

Whether you are new to sports or someone who has been at it for a while, your clothing will play an essential role in your performance. Wearing an ill fitted dress can impact and become a hindrance. Too loose clothes will get in your way, while too tight clothes can disturb blood circulation and restrict movement. The breathability and its ability to wick the moisture play just an essential role.

It reduces your risk of injuries as wearing the right and good quality compression wear can increase the blood circulation level in the body resulting in abundant oxygen for the muscles and, as a result reducing your chances of fatigue and injuries.

Over 70 percent of people have reported during a survey that wearing the right activewear to their gyms has helped them achieve their fitness goals better. Per the `Enclothed cognition`, wearing the proper gear can activate psychological changes impacting confidence and performance.

Your typical day to day wear will not be as durable and might end up torn into pieces if you are not careful. The right gear will grant you the freedom of movement and ability to make mistakes and still end up the whole. Mouthguards, Proper gloves, and knee pads each product is essential for your safeguard.

The right wear and gear are crucial for one`s health and safety but what is even more vital is to get involved in such activities. While you might be struggling to think of some, we have narrowed the best workouts you can perform individually or with a group while jotting down the types of equipment you require in each instance.

Canoeing or kayaking

Kayaking is a sport which involves paddling your way down the stream. It requires a boat, life jacket, and paddles to steer the canoe or kayak down the river. The sport can turn out to be extremely dangerous if the right and high quality gear are not used, as the river flow plays a detrimental factor in this. However, the activity can improve aerobic fitness, flexibility and muscle strength. It is relatively easy to learn, and you will be paddling in tranquility in a matter of a couple of hours.


There are several apps which will help you reach your cycling goals and track and create your route while getting a chance to share it with your friends. STRAVA and KOMOOT are one of those apps that can help you get acquainted with the community while you burn some calories. However, wear a breathable and functioning cycling jersey, base layer to keep you cool, a Bike helmet, cycling glasses, cycling shoes and gloves. To add safety for kids, you can also include knee and elbow pads into the list.


The sport has some qualities of tennis and first originated in 1965, however, the past few years have garnered immense popularity. Instead of full blown tennis rackets, the player uses short paddled solid rackets and perforated polymer balls over the net. Since it is usually played on the tennis court, the gear you need can be used for tennis as well. You can visit pickleball to find out different ranges of balls according to your preferred setting as the game can be played indoors and outdoors. You can also find high quality rackets, attire, accessories, balls and shoes. Since they mainly specialize in this game and offer impeccable customer service, guide books and a variety of equipment you might not be able to find in other stores.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis, also known as ping pong, is a popular sport that works on movement, agility, hand eye coordination and several other aspects, including a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases in an individual. All of these qualities improve one`s quality of life. The equipment and gear required for it can be used in the summers and winters as table tennis is an indoor sport. All you need to get started is the table tennis table, a couple of paddles, a net and the ping pong ball or table tennis ball, and you are good to go.


A sport that is as fun indoors as it can be outdoors. Volleyball is a team sport but a great activity for one to pick up. There are local volleyball clubs you can join depending on the vicinity you live if you are short of team members. And there is not much to it when it comes to gear. However, playing volleyball indoors might require you to get knee and elbow and breathable moisture wicking activewear.


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